In the mind of a Writer

I’m currently in a clean and edit mode so it’s hard to pull creative title out of that. Anyway, writing updates: I have gotten through 12 ½ out of 15 chapters on part 3. I hope to finish this part by Friday, so I am really trying my best to focus. I also hope to finish Part 4 by May 20th. I really need to twist some scene and add on Part 4. I want to have it ready for creative space by May 30th and post it on as an e-mail by June 21st. (Because I have buy two proofs before I can get my five copies.)

I have a list of other projects I’ve want to work on/finish before Dec 31, 2012, so I will always stay busy.  (I will post the list later.)

I have a few issues that have just been gnawing at me.

First one, sprinting, I don’t know if it is just because people aren’t using the group anymore or if a certain people aren’t taking it as seriously as others. I just feel like sprinting is more of a work than fun anymore; it’s more work finding people. I can sprint by myself, but it is just not the same.

The other thing is that I am really discouraged. They had set up a writing chat on Sunday and I decided to go. They discussed a writer’s bio and intro as well how important editing is. If a reader can’t understand what is being read, then there is no point of writing it. However I cannot afford a professional editor and I can’t really get a job in my situation. (I have boyfriend who is disabled and I have spleen health issue in which I cannot lift over 20 pounds without serious pain.) The thing that really discouraged me was that when I went to the online conference, they made it seem that anyone who was determined enough could write, publish, and make money writing a novel. However what they didn’t say was anyone who was determined and had money to help polish and publish the book. I feel like I am hitting a glass ceiling. I have nothing against self-publishing, but I have always dreamt of being main-stream published. How do I do that? (I mean if at one point J.K. Rowling was homeless and then was able to be successful, then why can’t I?)

Something that I really need from writing buddies and my writing groups is how to deal with rejection instead of stating the obvious that money make money.

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  1. When I was starting out and couldn’t afford an editor, one of the ways I used to get my work vetted was to use online critique groups like Critters or Critique Circle. These are great for proofread and light editing, but not as in depth as an editor (they don’t usually look at your character development and story arc like an editor does). Another option would be to find someone in a similar situation to yours and trade editing services with them (the I’ll show you mine, you show me yours method).
    A third option is crowd funding. A friend of mine raised a ridiculous amount of money for his new book series through Kickstarter (go there and look up Wollstonecraft). There is also Indiegogo and a few others. They take some work, but they might be the ticket.
    Above all else, stick with it. There’s no great advice to getting a traditional publishing contract other than writing the best book you can, send it out to as many agents as you can and crossing your fingers.
    Good luck.

  2. I don’t have the answers (but by God, I wish I did! I need ’em) but I can say that I’m behind you and I totally empathize. I do not have untold hundreds or thousands to spend on professional editing, artwork, marketing, yada yada. All I can do is put my nose to the grindstone, work hard and make it happen on my own.

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