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Well, it has been a pretty intense and very informative last 24 hours. Yesterday from 4pm to 9pm and today 10am to about 2:30pm I was participating in an Online Writing Conference sponsored by (Kim did awesome job putting it together and I believed I learned at least one thing from each speaker that I can actually apply to my novel: I hope to get it out, in the market, within the next few months.)

I will be honest I didn’t know if I was going when I first about and I wasn’t sure what it was all about. However I am very glad that I did go as I learned so much and met some really positive and energetic people.

I have learned the Master Koda Online Writing Conference. . .

  • How to find my target audience. . . You should have at least a 10 year age range, and your genre mentioned, gender, employment class, location: as not everyone is going to enjoy every type of book.
  • How to use facebook, twitter and my blog for networking. . .  You need to create a platform, how people can connect with you and your work. Blogs and websites are great ways to express yourself, (and they don’t cost as much as you think.)
  • How important a cover really is to appeal your readers. . . Colors pull people in as well as the flow of the picture, theme and font of the title. How do you want to be represented?
  • How important a “signature speech” for marketing your book and to make you look more professional and organized. . . You need a clear, precise message to tell the readers what you and your book are all about. (Posting pieces of the speech here and there is also a good way to market your book as well.)
  • How important to market and get a fan base before you book is out on the market. . .  It pulls people in and that way you have hungry readers who want your book right away.
  • How formatting and grammar can make or break a book. . . You always need to check your novels at least five times before sending it out. Publishers do not always edit your book; so make sure it done just in case. The first paragraph needs to pull the reader in.


As for myself, I learned first of I need to be consistent with facebook, twitter, and my blog . . . I need to use my pen name for my writing references and use my other pages for my personal life. The more organized I am, the more professional I look and the more people will take me seriously as a writer.  I made some new links strictly for my writing.


Facebook Page 
Writing Blog      


Comments on: "Master Koda Online Writing Conference" (3)

  1. A great big fat WOOHOO and a <]= KodaKazoo salute to you Rebekah. I am over-the-top excited that you learned so much that can apply to your journey to success as a writer and future author!

    Thanks for the kudos and I hope next time to be able to assist even more writers.

    All the best to you,

  2. Great post about a great Conference!

    I especially like the note about keeping pen names/professional names separate from public ones.

  3. So glad you learned so much. So did I. It was a fantastic conference. A bit overwhelming I think to people at times but just have to remember one step at a time.

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